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Important Calender Events

This page is going to be a page that we post most of the on going roller activities here in Northern California. 


The HFRF BBQ is set for June 10th at Mike Tarbox's in Gerber, just south of Red Bluff.  This is always a very fun event and we have some great people show up for this one.  If  you are going to be in the area or want to come up and are an HFRF Associate, or friend of a HFRF person, please try to make this one.  We have a super nice raffle where we raffle off young birds, yearlings, feed, and other things mostly assocaited to the pigeons. 

The BBQ is supplied by the HFRF so if you attend it's only proper to bring along a raffle item and your item will be greatly appreciated.  Any type of pigeon items is fine, nest bowls, feeders, waterers, magazines etc... even young birds.  Let us know.

It will be a fun filled day, so be there or be square.

Map of 22795 Smith Ave Gerber, CA 96035

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Dave Henderson

more info call Joe 530-751-3010




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