Favorite Birds


This page is dedicated the members and associates favorite rollers.  I hope you all will enjoy it as I think it is a much needed site in the promotion of our club and birds. 



These 2 cock birds belong to Joe Urbon, #35 on the left and #904 on the right

904-97-NBRC has quickly become the mainstay of my breeding program.  He has produced some of the best quality in the air that I have seen.  He has consistently sired birds that are 25-30 foot spinners with exceptional style and speed.   He has been like I say, the mainstay of my current program and I have been very fortunate to have a bird of his caliber in my loft. 


35-98-NCRC is the son of 904. 35 has also proven to be a very good producing pigeon for me as well.  He is quickly becoming just as valuable to me as his dad.  35 tends to breed birds with a little bit more depth then his dad.  The young off this cock are just as fast and are just as good in terms of quality and 35 has already sent several birds into my stock loft as well as into several others including Dave's, Don's, Ger's, Dan Cowell and Bill Crider.


I truly hope that all who have been lucky enough to get some of 904's blood into their loft have just as much success with them as I have been having because there is a tremendous amount of prepotency found with him and with his offspring. 






This is a nice cock bird owned by Clayton "Glassum" in Hawaii.  Glass said that he flew this bird for several years, great spinner and many who attended there area over that span got to see this great spinner.  He finally decided to stock him up for good.

                    The 2 above birds are owned by Bill Crider of Sacramento.  He says they are currently his favorite rollers.  The red cock on the left is a Henderson bird bred by Leonard Tachera from birds he got from Dave Henderson.  he says this bird has produced his fastest spinners.  Bill has had this nice cock bird on 3 hens so far and was able to stock a nice son from last season that was a very fast spinner.

The Red Bar cock he got from Chan Grover.  (by the looks of the feathered legs I would bet Jaconnette blood)  This is the first cock I put in stock that I raised myself.  This bird was a 30 footer at 5 months old and I stocked him at 1 1/2 years old and he was very solid and stable all that time.  Bill has him mated to his mother this season.



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